Katarn-Class Commando Armor (Prototype)


Issued several months after the Battle of Geonosis, Katarn-class commando armor is a superior, specialized armor, designed with input from clone commandos in the field. The armor is unusually thick, with a sealed system allowing the wearer to survive underwater or in vacuum for up to 24 hours. It also features a built-in, retractable, wrist-mounted vibroblade. This highly sought after armor is rarely found in the possession of civilians. Its black-market price can exceed a quarter-million credits. Clone commandos swear by the armor’s effectiveness, even though they also grumble beneath their breath about its lack of comfort during long missions.

The Katarn-class Commando armor differs greatly from the standard issue clone armor, however, boasting several enhanced functions and added amenities. The armor is made from Stygian-Triprismatic polymer that increases the armor’s bonus by one and adds a +2 equipment bonus to Stealth to avoid being detected by electronic sensors and uses specialty armorplast to reduce its weight, making it half as cumbersome as the standard Mark I. It also contains environmental systems that make the wearer immune to the effects of extreme hot and cold temperatures. Katarn-class commando armor grants a wearer with the Armor Proficiency (Heavy) feat a +2 Bonus on Perception checks, as well as low-light vision. The armor includes an Integrated Long-Range Comlink in the helmet, allowing hands-free communication.

As a full round action, the wearer can use the bacta tanks built into the armor. The bacta and the suit’s built-in diagnostic gear grant the wearer an effective Treat Injury +10 skill for self-treatment. The wearer ignores the -5 penalty for self-administration of this skill.

This prototype version (MK IV) of the Katarn-class commando armor is highly customizable, providing any character making a Mechanics check to repair or modify it a +5 equipment bonus on the check. If you are using the Armor Upgrades option from Scum and Villainy, the Katarn-class commando armor has a Vacuum Seal, environmental systems, and Armorplast upgrades plus room for three additional upgrades. Additionally, commando armor incorporates a 10-slot integrated equipment system, rangefinder (typically tied to the DC-17m interchangeable weapon system), shield generator system (SR 5), and a white-noise anti-static system.


Katarn-Class Commando Armor (Prototype)

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